DAF partners with VDL Groep for fully electric CF truck

21 may 2018

DAF partners with VDL Groep for fully electric CF truck

DAF Trucks is partnering with VDL to release a first series of CF Electric trucks into operation with leading customers in the course of this year. The vehicles feature state-of-the-art VDL E-Power Technology for zero emissions and ultra-low noise. These field test trucks will be manufactured by DAF and the full electric installation will be completed by VDL Groep, demonstrating the strong cooperation between both companies in the field of electrification of commercial vehicles.




  • State-of-the-art DAF CF Electric trucks put into operation
  • VDL E-Power provides for 100 km range and fast battery charging
  • Zero emissions in city distribution
  • Ultra-low noise for quiet night-time deliveries



Customer First Technologies


“DAF has a strong history of developing innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of our customers and we will continue to provide them the full complement of appropriate technology choices to ensure their success”, stated Preston Feight, DAF Trucks president. “DAF was among the first manufacturers to introduce a hybrid electric distribution truck in Europe and has continued to develop hybrid and electric powertrains. As cities announce their intention to require zero emissions and ultra-low noise we will make sure our customers have the optimal solutions for their success.”


VDL Groep: leader in commercial vehicle electrification


For the CF Electric, DAF is partnering with VDL Groep, also based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. VDL is a technology leading company with substantial experience in commercial vehicle electrification, especially in the field of public transport buses. “VDL has proven itself as a leader in fully electric buses for public transport and has already delivered hundreds of electric buses to public transport operators throughout Europe”, said Willem van der Leegte, president of VDL Groep. “Partnering with DAF on this electric truck is an exciting development and represents a tremendous opportunity for two Eindhoven based technology companies to lead the electric commercial vehicle world.”


Driving zero emission in city distribution


The CF Electric is a 4x2 tractor unit developed for up to 40 ton distribution applications within urban areas in which single or double axle semi-trailers are the standard. The truck is based on DAF’s CF – ‘International Truck of the Year 2018’ – and uses VDL’s advanced E-Power Technology for fully electric operation. The center of the intelligent powertrain is the 210 kW electric motor, which gets its energy from the lithium-ion battery pack with a current total capacity of 170 kWh. The CF Electric has a range of approximately 100 kilometers which is appropriate for high volume distribution applications. Quick charging of the batteries can be executed in 30 minutes or a complete full charge can be accomplished in as little as 1.5 hours.


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